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Since 1972, Airport Road Dental Associates, PC, has provided dental services. We’re located in Portage, but we serve people and families in Valparaiso and Chesterton, IN. We’re a patient-oriented practice, so your dentist will focus on creating a real and lasting healthcare relationship with you. In fact, we’re proud to say that we have some third-generation patients in our practice today.

Personalized Treatment Plans

We put patient care above all, so we make sure that all decisions about your treatments will be patient–dentist decisions. You’ll come in and sit down with your family dentist — Dr. Holm and Dr. Guzek — and discuss your oral health. Please ask the dentist all of your questions at this time so that together you’ll come up with a treatment plan that addresses your concerns and keeps you healthy.

This personalized care also helps children feel more comfortable in our practice. They get to know their family dentist so they can see that there’s nothing to fear about visiting us or taking care of their teeth.

Straightforward Pricing

Our team will always give you straightforward pricing and fees. Every fee is based on the materials used and the experience of our staff. We’re out of network for all plans because, this way, you’ll never have to worry about the fees for the treatments we suggest to you. You’ll know the cost from the start.

Is it time for you to visit the family dentist? Make an appointment from Chesterton or Valparaiso, IN, to see one of the friendly dentists at Airport Road Dental Associates, PC.