A Trusted Family Dentist near Valparaiso, IN

At every stage of life, you need a dentist to keep your smile healthy. The talented practitioners at Airport Road Dental Associates are prepared to care for your teeth whether you're one or one hundred years old. We offer a comprehensive range of dentistry services, so make an appointment at our office near Valparaiso, IN, and discuss your needs with an expert today.

Top-Notch Dental Treatments

At Airport Road Dental Associates, we take a two-pronged approach to dental care: prevention and treatment. Preventative care is the first step to maintaining a beautiful smile, so we offer regular dental cleanings to all of our patients. Even if your teeth seem fine, make an appointment to prevent any potential issues before they become painful.

If your teeth are causing you pain, you can trust our team to treat them with precision. We have years of experience with fillings, root canals, and a wide range of other treatments. If you need emergency treatment, you can call us and schedule an appointment right away. Don't put off your dental health anymore.

Experience and Innovation

We opened Airport Road Dental Associates in 1972, and over our 50 years in business, we've treated every kind of dental case you can imagine. We've used that experience to create tried and true treatment practices to protect your dental health.

However, we believe that innovative technologies make dental treatment better than ever. So we strive to remain up-to-date on the latest techniques and discoveries to offer the best dental care possible.

But we don’t just keep the technologies in our office updated — we know the experience of the person working in your mouth can’t be replaced by shiny machines. That’s why each dentist, hygienist, and assistant we employ participates in regular continuing education and study groups so we can keep our knowledge and skills as fresh as we keep your mouth and your smile.

It’s this dedication to maintaining excellence that has made us a trusted family dentist for generations of many Valparaiso, IN, families to this day. We’re ready to provide that same customized, trustworthy care to you and yours.

Individualized Care

Our team recognizes that every patient's teeth are unique and require personalized treatment and care. When you come to our clinic, you'll work with the same dentist, dental assistants, and receptionists every time. Therefore, we'll be better equipped to customize our service to your needs.

If you and your family need a family dentist, call us at 219-763-2727.