Professional Dental Cleaning Services in Valparaiso, IN

Airport Road Dental Associates provides general dentistry services for the Valparaiso, IN, area. We are a patient-oriented practice that does what is best for you and your oral health. Our team creates treatment plans that are unique to the patient. With a focus on preventative treatment like dental cleaning services, we'll be honest and straightforward with you regarding what's best for your oral health.


Why Dental Cleanings?

Our dentists work with you to give you the best in tooth care. While brushing and flossing your teeth regularly is an important part of keeping your teeth and gums healthy, regular dental cleanings from your dentist are important.

During these cleanings, your hygienist at Airport Road Dental Associates will thoroughly clean your teeth with special kinds of products and instruments, reaching spots you may have missed and removing excess tartar.

During a routine tooth-cleaning procedure, Airport Road Dental Associates' dentists also check patients for health issues. During these dental cleanings, we often catch cavities and mouth sores when they're small. Our team also looks for gingivitis and other oral issues. This is also a good time for you to bring up any pain or discomfort you've felt without having to make a separate appointment.


Why Pick Our Team?

When you come into Airport Road Dental Associates, you can trust that our staff knows you and your dental history. We often treat whole families and are proud to say that we have third-generation patients. Our dentists help you feel at ease during any of your dental cleaning service or other procedure we perform for you or your child.

We also know that sometimes traditional business hours aren't the best for you and your family. That's why we are open in the evenings and have some weekend hours. Our team wants your dental care to be easy and convenient. To set an appointment, call Airport Road Dental Associates at 219-763-2727 for the Valparaiso area.